Tiger Woods Speaks Out After Arrest On Suspicion Of DUI

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has been arrested on guess of pushing underneath a influence dual days ago, though shortly after this hapless event, a famous golfer expelled an central matter about a whole incident.

The news about his DUI strike his fans tough and managed to turn a prodigy online on several amicable media due to his mop shot.

Unexpected Reaction To Prescribed Medications

Woods, however, insisted that ethanol wasn’t concerned and that it was all due to his medication.

“I know a astringency of what we did and we take full shortcoming for my actions,” a pro golfer said, via ABC News.

“I wish a open to know that ethanol was not involved. What happened was an astonishing greeting to prescribed medications. we didn’t comprehend a brew of drugs had influenced me so strongly.”

“I would like to apologize with all my heart to my family, friends and a fans,” Tiger added. “I design some-more from myself too.”

Tiger Woods was arrested on Memorial Day (Monday, 29th of May) in Jupiter, Florida. A Jupiter Police PIO after reliable that a pro golfer was taken into control around 3 a.m. and was expelled with no bond about 8 hours later.

The whole story about a astonishing greeting to prescribed drugs competence seem trustworthy given we know that Woods has had mixed behind surgeries over a years.

“Sole concentration is rehab and doing what a doctors tell me,” tiger wrote on his blog recently.

We wish him quick recovery.