This Year’s Top Ten Oscar Nominations We Didn’t See Coming

The Academy Awards is a night of glitz, glorious and surprises as Hollywood’s A-list conflict it out for a night’s tip prizes. The debate came early this year as a nominations have already caused utterly a stir in a film industry.

Some of this year’s nominees managed to make a cut due to their repute and loyalty to their craft, since others are presumably scratching their heads in dishonesty during saying their names on a list.

1. Her – Best Picture


Joaquin Phoenix’s proposal description of a waste writer’s flourishing mania with his handling complement in a film Her unsuccessful to acquire a assignment for Best Actor. However, a warn came when a film managed to bag a Best Picture assignment alongside cinema such as 12 Years a Slave and Gravity.

Whilst Her is an superb achievement, a film’s success rests usually on a shoulders of a categorical actor and would not be half as renouned but Joaquin’s measureless talent.

2. Jonah Hill – Best Supporting Actor


Jonah Hill’s breath-taking opening as a drug-crazed, money-hungry broker repelled fans who were used to saying a immature actor in a unequivocally opposite form of role. Jonah done his name starring in several comedies such as Superbad and Get Him to a Greek.

Despite his welfare for dumb comedies, this is a second Oscar assignment for a actor as he also perceived a Best Supporting Actor assignment for Moneyball. Critics were astounded to see Jonah on this year’s Academy Awards list due to a fact that he was snubbed by a BAFTAs, Screen Actors Guild awards and a Golden Globes.

3. Dallas Buyers Club – Best Picture


Dallas Buyers Club tells a story of Ron Woodroof, a homophobic rodeo cowboy who learns that he has a month to live after being diagnosed with Aids. Woodroof, played by Matthew McConaughey, is ostracised by his friends and family after they learn of his diagnosis and is left to find diagnosis alone.

After conference about an effective Aids remedy that is criminialized in a US, Ron starts creation trips down to Mexico for a drug and even starts offered it to other Aids patients.

The film managed to poke a approach onto a Best Picture list to a warn of everyone.

4. Christian Bale – Best Actor


American Hustle is a comedy-drama that has warranted a heading male a assignment for Best Actor. Christian Bale stars as a criminal artist who is forced into holding partial in a prick operation by an FBI representative played by Bradley Cooper. Christian’s assignment came as a startle due to a fact that his participation meant that Tom Hanks missed out on a possibility to take home his third Oscar.

Saving Mr Banks and Captain Phillips were ignored by a Academy house who motionless to pass over a cinema for all a tip prizes. However, Barkhad Abdi managed to measure a assignment for Best Supporting Actor for Captain Phillips.

5. Sally Hawkins – Best Supporting Actress


Most of a debate surrounding Blue Jasmine has been destined towards a executive Woody Allen following new allegations done by his former adopted daughter. Despite this, a some-more pleasing warn came in a form of a Best Supporting Actress assignment for Sally Hawkins.

Sally plays a working-class mom who takes in her comparison sister, a former Park Avenue princess, who has depressed on tough times. Cate Blanchette steals a uncover as a sister who still suffers a effects of her new shaken relapse and pops Xanax pills like candy. Sally’s common opening provides a ideal contrariety to Kate’s thespian portrayal.

6. Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa – Best Makeup and Hairstyling


In a pierce that no one could have ever seen coming, Jackass might indeed win an Oscar during a 2014 Academy Awards ceremony. Not usually is a cult film a nominee, many experts are presaging that it might even take home a bullion on a night.

Jackass is adult opposite The Lone Ranger and Dallas Buyers Club that do not unequivocally have most to offer in a approach of hair and makeup besides cowboy hats and feathers. Bad Grandpa sees star Johnny Knoxville remade into an aged male regulating a good understanding of prosthetics for a mayhem-filled highway outing opposite a US.

7. Before Midnight – Best Adapted Screenplay


Before Midnight is a latest film from Richard Linklater. It facilities a characters of Celine and Jessie played by Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. The immature integrate creatively met on a sight and fell in adore after usually one dusk together. Before Midnight catches adult with a now married integrate on a holiday to Greece with their dual children.

The film is a third in a authorization that has spanned 3 decades. Despite being a totally strange story and not blending from anything besides a prior dual movies, Before Midnight managed to bag an invitation to a Oscars.

8. The Lone Ranger – Best Visual Effects


Most of a nominees for a Best Visual Effects endowment came as no warn due to their jaw-dropping special effects. Gravity, The Hobbit, Iron Man 3 and Star Trek are all deliberate CGI masterpieces that emanate visitor landscapes and terrifying creatures with ease. However, The Lone Ranger is not a film that springs to mind when meditative of visible effects.

The days of actors behaving dangerous stunts on relocating vehicles are over. All of a scenes where Johnny Depp is using along a roof of a relocating sight were indeed filmed in a reserve of a prolongation studio in California.

9. Nebraska – Best Picture


Nebraska has proven to be a dim equine during this year’s Academy Awards and has been nominated in 6 opposite categories. The film is shot in black and white and stars Bruce Dern as a somewhat confused aged male who believes he has won $1 million. The esteem turns out to be a broadside attempt engineered to sell repository subscriptions.

Bruce’s insistence on roving opposite a nation to collect his income eventually leads to a highway outing involving him and his son played by Will Forte.

10. Inside Llewyn Davis – Best Cinematography


Inside Llewyn Davis is a story of a down-and-out folk thespian struggling to make it in New York. Set in 1961, a film facilities an superb soundtrack that is some-more than a small obliged for a vicious success. The film is a latest charity from a Coen Brothers who formed a whole film around a soundtrack.

Many were astounded to see this film usually nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Sound Mixing. Inside Llewyn Davis facilities stellar performances from Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan and John Goodman and even won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical.