Santana Calls Out NFL And CBS For Not Including Local Musicians


As some-more days pass by, it seems that fewer and fewer people are confident with this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. Some call out Beyonce for being racist, some cruise that Coldplay was as engaging as a sandbox, some cruise that Bruno Mars is simply too brief for a track of that size… Everyone’s a critic! The latest celeb who common their views on a halftime uncover was Carlos Santana.

The mythological musician posted a note on is Facebook profile, in that he talks about his restlessness with a fact that Super Bowl 50’s uncover didn’t paint San Francisco as good as it could.

The 68-year-old artist wrote that he feels “compelled to indicate out that a Halftime Show should have enclosed some of a internal iconic bands that a World would have desired to see perform.”

Santana thinks that bands like Metallica, Steve Miller, Journey and his possess rope “would have rocked a Half Time Show and finished a SF Bay Area proud.”

The iconic “Smooth” performer also settled that “this is only an invitation for NFL and CBS to cruise iconic bands as partial of their Half Time entertainment.”

“Real live music, genuine live vocals, and give a assembly genuine live chills,” Santana concluded, and also thanked CBS and NFL for including him in a Super Bowl’s prominence reel. He achieved during a Super Bowl pregame uncover behind in 2003.