Madonna’s Gone Too Far: Instagram Selfie Showing Off Her Hairy Armpit


Those who follow Madonna on Instagram got a intolerable warn final week, when she flashed them a print of her hairy armpit. Many contend that this time, Madge has simply left too far.

Caption This

Madonna captioned her hairy armpit selfie with a tagline, “Long hair…… Don’t Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove.”

If her tagline is to be believed, it seems that a Queen of Pop has returned to a decade when giveaway love, and giveaway issuing hair, were everywhere.

Everyone can determine that Madonna has always had a insurgent heart, and a adore for freedom, though many of her supporters on Instagram seem to be of one mind, that a design was simply disgusting, and something they would rather not have seen.

Real or Make Believe?

Another organisation of her fans seem to consider that this is simply Madonna being Madonna (remember that rarely inflammatory twitter she posted to Twitter a while back, job her son “the N word?”). They trust that while this might or might not be a elementary broadside stunt, it might also not even be real.

Several people have forked out that celebs are famous for removing waxed, full physique waxes during that, and maybe Madonna simply Photoshopped a design for some publicity. After all, it has been a few weeks given she was in a news.

Throw Back?

Back in 2011, Madonna did an talk with Harper’s Bazaar, and a subject of physique hair came up. She pronounced that in high propagandize she refused to mislay any of her physique hair.

Madonna pronounced that, “Going to high school, we saw how renouned girls had to act to get a boys.” And Madonna knew she never wanted to be those girls, saying, “I knew we couldn’t fit into that. So we motionless to do a opposite.”

Madonna common that, “I refused to wear makeup, to have a hairstyle. we refused to shave. we had hairy armpits.” She also pronounced that, “The boys in my propagandize would make fun of me. Calling me hairy monster. You know, things like that.”

So there is a settlement there.

Armpit Wigs?

Could they have been armpit wigs? Madonna is really not a initial to startle fans with armpit hair. Several years ago, Lady Gaga wore armpit wigs during a concert, so maybe this is where Madge got a idea.