Jon Stewart – From The Daily Show To WWE


Jon Stewart has been a unchanging partial of The Daily Show for 16 whole years until two weeks ago when he announced his retirement.

Although many of a show’s fans were unhappy about their favorite horde leaving, this is distant from being a final time we’ve seen Stewart on TV.

In fact, we never would’ve guessed what Jon has lined adult as his subsequent gig! That’s right, a famous comedic TV face is set to horde a WWE’s 2015 SummerSlam, that will air this Sunday during 7 PM eastern.

This shouldn’t indeed be a surprise, given Steward’s ongoing argument with WWE universe heavyweight champion Seth Rollins is good known, and a horde now has a leisure of doing anything he wants.

Considering Jon Steward is a long-time fan of wrestling and a fact that he’s such an interesting and humorous individual, we can usually suppose what these 4 hours of SummerSlam will demeanour like when they get broadcasted this weekend.