Hottie Charlie Hunnam Talks About Quitting On His “50 Shades Of Grey” Role


When it was announced that a sizzling book “50 Shades Of Grey” will get a film counterpart, mass violence occurred.

Even bigger violence happened all over a universe when it was pronounced that a super-hot Charlie Hunnam will be holding a starring purpose in it! Alas, out complacency wasn’t meant to hang around forever; Hunnam eventually stepped divided from a role.

In a new interview, a hot, blondish “Sons Of Anarchy” actor explained given he had to quit on a role. Although it was speculated that it was given of all of those raunchy scenes, it was only that – apparent speculation.

On a theme of abandoning a purpose of Christian Grey, Charlie said: “I don’t consider people have had unchaperoned entrance to me given all of this went on. The CliffsNotes were accurately what we said. we couldn’t do it given of [the] schedule. It was as elementary as that. we would’ve brought a certain imperishable attract to it, though trust me, he’s going to do only fine.”

The open will always have a problem with any reason or reason, generally when it comes to something they were failing to see.

They could’ve suspicion it all out on time and not announce anything that they weren’t so certain about. But life goes on, generally for Charlie Hunnam, who can’t wait to see a movie:

“I’m only unequivocally vehement to see it. we was only really, unequivocally invested and wanted to work with Sam [Taylor-Johnson] and play that character. I’m really, unequivocally curious.”

The open is also desirous about a arriving 7th and final deteriorate of a strike uncover “Sons Of Anarchy,” in that Charlie plays a heading purpose as Jackson “Jacks” Teller. It’s initial part is to be aired on Sep 9th.