Gift Bags 2017 Oscar Nominees Are Given Are Worth $100k – Here’s What’s Inside

As if Hollywood A-listers aren’t propitious adequate to have a best pursuit in a world, acquire millions and get to attend all a red runner events, we only found out that they also accept pricey Oscars goody bags during a many critical Academy Awards eventuality of a year, only to feel even some-more spoiled.

We already knew that any year, exclusive gift bags are put together and distributed to all a nominees during a prestigious ceremony, though now Business Insider managed to find out a accurate cost of these swag bags, and some-more importantly – what’ inside.

$100k Of Randomness

These poser goody bags are any value around $100k and are stocked full of flattering many pointless though overwhelming stuff. Interestingly enough, nonetheless a bags have utterly a large price-tag, not all a equipment that censor inside can be described as luxurious.

Yes, some equipment are indeed as glamorous as one competence think, though there is also a engorgement of products that operation from ‘normal’ to even rather bizarre and obscure.

Here’s what Business Insider found when they took a hide look into some of these goody bags:

  • spa stays in outlandish locations such as California and Italy (these were among a many costly ones)
  • private operation stays by a Pacific Ocean
  • some pricey gadgets (including a pack to renovate your home into a ‘smart home’)
  • luxurious chocolates
  • body creams…

However, there were also some flattering astonishing items:

  • good out-of-date chapsticks
  • apples
  • a CPR kit
  • a book about hair
  • cellulite massage pads
  • pelvic building trainers…

Crazy stuff. Apples, CPR kit, and pelvic building trainers are my favorites. Which are yours?