Comic-Con 2014 Highlights


The ultimate nerd executive in San Diego welcomed thousands and thousands of fans, cosplayers and each singular film and TV star there is. After a week or so, it’s all over (boo!) yet we can during slightest live on a fuel that it gave us for some time.

Apart from gifting us a time of a lives, Comic-Con 2014 also means us with some vital trailers, initial peek posters, stone tough abs, announcements and news on serve swell of a favorite cinema and TV shows.


The thing that everybody seems to have an opinion on is a explanation of a new Wonder Woman, who will seem in a arriving Batman vs. Superman movie!

Fans had some reservations due to a fact that DC never unequivocally had faith in Wonder Woman, or any other womanlike (super)hero for that matter. Why, we don’t know, we can usually wish for a improved destiny for a womanlike badass hero.

The new Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) looks good and tough and confident, yet also kind of familiar… Oh, that’s right, she looks like Xena! Apart from that, a print easy a bit of faith in a new plan and we can usually wish that Gal Gadot can speak a speak like she walks a walk.

“True Blood” seems to have deserted a “true to a end” sign (and hashtag, for that matter) in nonetheless another season. At slightest this time it’s a final deteriorate so there won’t be any some-more disappointment. Although a fans still adore a uncover and a cast, a tract is just… sad, and not in a approach that a producers and directors intended.

The trailer shows a uncover as soulless, even yet there’s tragedy all around Bon Temps: critical characters dying, revenge, sickness…

The epic intrigue between Bill and Sookie is a biggest and many critical thing that’s going on and that unequivocally only creates a uncover zero some-more than a telenovela… With fangs.

The trailer for a new “Mad Max: Fury Road” did not disappoint! It really stole a spotlight from all a other trailers and has turn a IT film that we’re all impatiently watchful for.

The best thing about it is a miss of computer-assisted special effects. It seems that a mythological trilogy will live on for destiny generations.

A few some-more shows and cinema that stood out during Comic-Con were “Sleepy Hollow,” “The Avengers,” and of course, “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones.” Some stars, like Massie Williams and Daniel Radcliffe, walked among a people openly in masks, only enjoying their time and not removing recognized. Ah, copsplaying creates everyone’s wishes come true. Long live Comic-Con!