3 Most Famous Celebrities With HIV

In box we didn’t know, HIV stands for “Human Immunodeficiency Virus” – a pathogen that causes AIDS.

This terrible condition eventually leads to deteriorating and disaster of a defence complement creation room for other diseases and conditions (such as cancer or pneumonia) to thrive.

The HIV infects critical T cells and is eliminated from chairman to chairman around corporeal fluids.

In today’s day and age, there are many celebrities who had or have HIV.

Before we pierce onto a list of 3 many famous celebrities with HIV, let’s take a discerning demeanour during some of a honest mentions:

  • jazz producer Gil Scott-Heron
  • 90’s rapper Eazy-E
  • Actor Michael Jeter
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival guitarist Tom Fogerty
  • pianist Liberace
  • Olympian Greg Louganis
  • tennis star Arthur Ashe
  • football actor Jerry Smith
  • singer Andy Bell

Charlie Sheen

Two And A Half Men star, Charlie Sheen, came out with a large news about his HIV+ standing behind in 2015 during his talk on a Today Show. Of course, a famous Hollywood A-lister has been long-rumored to be HIV-positive, all due to all a report and many open surmise about his nasty and lax personal life.

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Having incited into a man who unequivocally doesn’t give a damn, Sheen has, given his large reveal, certified to regulating countless complicated and bootleg drugs, while he was also utterly open about enchanting in high-risk sex with several luminary and non-celebrity women.

Freddie Mercury

Perhaps a many famous luminary with HIV in a universe of music, Freddie Mercury was diagnosed with HIV, though managed to keep his diagnosis a tip for years. One of a many gifted musicians of a prior century and one of a many charismatic frontmans in a story of stone music, Freddie died of AIDS complications small days after he went open with a news of him being HIV-positive.

The Los Angeles Times reported his central proclamation shortly before his death:

“Following a huge surmise in a press over a final dual weeks, we wish to endorse that we have tested HIV-positive and have AIDS. we felt it scold to keep this information private to date in sequence to strengthen a remoteness of those around me. However, a time has now come for my friends and fans around a universe to know a law and we wish that everybody will join with me, my doctors and all those worldwide in a quarrel opposite this terrible disease.”

The lead thespian of Queen died on Nov 24, 1991.

Magic Johnson

Basketball icon, Magic Johnson, was among a initial A-list celebrities to come out as HIV-positive. The contestant suggested his health standing strictly in 1991. In a press discussion hold during a time, Johnson pronounced a following:

“Because of a HIV pathogen we have attained, we will have to retire from a Lakers … we devise to go on vital for a prolonged time.”

And former basketball actor indeed managed to live adult to his plans. Magic Johnson is still providing unchanging sports commentary, while his possess good will and his practice with HIV resulted in him starting a Magic Johnson Foundation as an educational and surety apparatus to forestall a widespread of HIV.

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